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Concert programmes

is Scotland's specialist medieval music ensemble dedicated to performing their music in a medieval context.

The core of our repertoire is the secular and courtly music of Medieval Europe - particularly from Scotland, France,Spain and Italy.

Cantigas Vol 1
Books & CDs

Gaita publishes books of transcriptions from medieval manuscripts including the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso, the Wise, the Llibre Vermell and the Cantigas d'amigo of Martin Codax.

Gaita quartet Weddings & Corporate Events

A sumptuous feast for the ears and eyes

Something special  for your wedding in a medieval castle, or a striking addition to your corporate event.

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Gaita is Old Occitan for 'watchman' - such as a guard of town walls who was usually equipped with a horn or a shawm for raising the alarm. The Gaita is a stock character in the genre of Troubadour song called the 'Alba' (dawn song). He guards a tower where two lovers spend the night and alerts them of any intruders (usually the jealous husband).  The same word in English became the 'Waite' - a member of a town band. The association with loud instruments also led to the current use of Gaita as the name of a North African shawm and for some Spanish and Balkan bagpipes.

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